Jodi Kanter

theatre artist, scholar, educator

Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it - Augusto Boal


Jodi Kanter’s research focuses on how iprovisation, adaptation, ethnographic representation, and other forms of performance are used to forge, strengthen, and rebuild communities. Her book, Performing Loss, was published in November, 2007 by Southern Illinois University Press. Her articles and reviews have appeared in Theatre Annual, Text and Performance Quarterly, Cultural Studies / Critical Methodologies, The Dictionary of Literary Biography, Women and Language, and Theatre Journal.

Representative publications:

Cultural Studies < -- > Critical Methodologies, 2007
“Disciplined Bodies at Play: Improvisation at a Federal Prison.” Vol.7 No.4 (November, 2007): 378-396.

Text and Performance Quarterly, 2006
“’Incident’: Performing Poetry as a Moral Act Two Decades Later.” Vol.26 No.4 (October, 2006): 405-413.

Women and Language, 2002
“Hopeful Sentences: Gender and Mourning Language” in Women and Language, Vol. 25 No. 1 (Spring, 2002): 1-8.

Theatre Annual: A Journal of Performance Studies, 2001
“Death Becomes Performance: The Reciprocal Uses of Death and Performance”
in Theatre Annual, Vol. 54 (Fall 2001): 25-42.

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